AIDIGITS is a group of EMEA Organizations that have been established to enable the continuity and expansion of their skilled executive Engineers to provide professional services in the Middle East, Europe and Africa. AIDIGITS capitalizes in its operations its extensive background, diversification of capabilities and expertise in the field of BIM, Project controls, Systems integration, ITWINS, Smart buildings, Smart infrastructures and Projects knowledge coupled with a backbone of unique experts and competent Engineers who possess more than 25 years of hands-on experience on BIM Technology applications around the Globe.

AIDIGITS experts have been providing Academic and knowledge transfer services for almost two decades, offering BIM Education, Digital Construction knowledge transfer, Training and Certification through its alliance with world leaders like BUC, Zigurat Global Institute of Technology, Metropolitan College and TÜV HELLAS amongst others.

Mr. Issam El Absi


Mr. Issam El Absi, CEO of AIDIGITS Group and AIDIGITS BIM Academy Director stated:

“The market is going into a massive disruption due to Digital Transformation policies and reformation plans. The whole international construction sector has already identified BIM adoption as a pillar for driving the construction business efficiency and sustainability.  With that comes a lot of challenges and obstacles where only competent resources in the sector can overcome and manage these challenges.

Here comes the significance of this partnership that brings three qualified leaders (Zigurat Institute of Technology, BUC and AIDIGITS Group) in this business to join forces and deliver to the Egyptian local Construction business the Global BIM Management for Infrastructures and Buildings Master program. This program has been offered for seven (7) consecutive years so far, building the capacity of participants around the Globe to a unique level of competency in BIM adoption and Digital construction workflows that enables them to lead BIM implementations in their Projects, Organizations and Societies.

This program is brought to the Egyptian Market with attractive new dimensions to all architects and engineers working in Egypt and the region. This edition will be the first one offered by the newly established “BUC/AIDIGITS BIM Academy” (BUAID BIM Academy).

So, in addition to being a Dual Master Degree program endorsed by Zigurat Institute of Technology and the University of Barcelona, it will be the first online edition offered in a Hybrid mode, with in-premises monthly lectures offered at the BUAID BIM Academy lecture halls at the continuous education center at BUC in Cairo.

The academic content of this edition is extending the Information Management part to cover the GIS world, making GIS and BIM combined workflows an integral part of the curriculum, in addition to qualifying the participants to acquire any two of the TUV Nord (Hellas) and AIDIGITS ce-BIM professional certification levels.